Medical Software for clinical management

If you, like the majority of your colleagues, are having a hard time maintaining and retrieving patient information, wasting precious time looking for lost files, prescriptions and lab values then we have the solution for you. In addition wouldn't you like to have access to up to date information on drugs & diseases, nutrition adviser and also be able to manage your finances at the touch of a key pad button ? We have carefully formatted a comprehensive, easy to use and affordable software package made especially for practising doctors.

New Auto fill feature ensures that with little typing (type ’f’ for fever, ‘dy’ for dyspnoea you can type easily and accurately. It is also LAN compatable and can be connected /upgraded to LAN any time. You can also connect to various instances (copies) of database, say yearly (Backend2001 or BackendOurStaff) and connect to it too. It is sturdy against power failures and system failures. Innumerable number of patient records can be stored.

A brief description of each of the features is outlined :


Description of Function


Appointments fixed with date and time.
Facility to directly access a file through Hospital ID.
O.P. Ticket auto generation. Token number cab be given and printed out.
Calendar included for date reference.
You can search appointment date wise, or for a period.

Search Very Easy Search facility. Name, DOB, Hosp No., PhoneNo, Pt. List, etc. Directly open CS.
Case Sheet

Standard Minimum package includes chief complaints, history and examination details.
History  can be kept pre-typed and auto selected, no need to type every time.


Patient's name, Date of birth, Age (calculated automatically) & Office address, Residence address (from where all the data is taken for Case Summary, Certificates, Prescriptions, Bills, Letters).
Office & Residence phone numbers with direct dial facility if modem is used referring doctor's name, address and facility to type reply letter or select from template letter.

Finance Partly hidden between two sheets, can be seen by clicking a checkbox. Features include Last fees paid Date, Next fees due date, receipt is automatically printed with bill number., Updates professional fees, can be later edited. Cash book, very convenient daily income expenditure ledger, with facility to enter bank, cheque no. etc. Automatically calculates at click of button, financial years budget can view finance position for a particular period, between any two dates.
History Each visit is recorded according to date, with the initial common registration. Includes present history, past history, family history, peprsonal habits, past treatment, present medications. Two boxes for detailed present history. Data from these is taken automatically for compilation of case summary.NEW Auto fill feature ensures that with little typing (type’f’ for fever, ‘dy’ for dyspnoea you can type easily and accurately. 
In addition,
history  can be kept pre-typed and auto selected, no need to type every time.

General and Systemic :

General exam includes seperate text boxes for findings such as anaemia, clubbing, cyanosis, oedema, lymph nodes, ENT, eye, joint, skin, etc. special features include the ability to view past BP, temperature and weight recordings on double clicking same. (For Paediatricians, standard height, weight & head circumference chart is separately provided)

Systemic exam subdivided into different systems eg. CVS, Resp. GI, CNS and provision given for both detailed notes and for general impression in each category. Upto this outpatient (OP) and inpatient (IP) sheets are same. When the IP box is chosen addition features become available such Admission Date, Discharge date, Hospital course. This information is used for automated print out of various certificates. Templates available for this include Medical, Leave, Reimbursement, Fitness, Admission Discharge certificate, Certificate and advance.

Diagnosis At the end of the examination are spaces for current diagnosis, plan of treatment & follow-up.
Reminder Facilities Patient : with patients case sheet a reminder option is provided. eg. X-ray next visit, FNAC/cervical cauterisation/Surgery on 24-April etc.

General : Reminders about any procedures to be done according to date and Hosp.No. or general reminders about meetings are accessible from front page.


The following are included :
Routine (haemogram, urine, stool)
Biochemistry (sugar, electrolytes, RFT, LFT, lipid profile, cardiac enzymes)
Special tests (hormones, minerals, antibodies, fluid analysis)
Imaging (Xray, ECG, CT, USG, MRI, Echo, TMT)
Histopathology (FNAC, Biopsy, PS, BM)

Normal values displayed. Abnormal test reports are Highlighted in red and normal in black. Newer tests Troponin, HbAlc, Lipoprotien A etc., included Creatinine Clearance, calculated automatically from S Creatinine. All past values of the following parameters is available date wise in tabular form (Blood sugar, RFT, LFT, Lipid Profile).

Final Diagnosis Can view all past diagnosis with date. eg. Hypertension, MI, Rheumatic HD.
Prescriptions Prescribe can any number of drugs. Single click choose the drug name, dose, administration, etc.. Single click to view properties of any drug in prescription. List of drugs available to select from detailed of dosing given with each drug facility for repeating and or editing past prescription. View past : All the past prescriptions of same patient can be viewed.
Choose old presc &single click  to repeat that presc. 'Pre-draw' and store presc and recall (c*).
Local Font: CPatient instructions, etc can be printed in local fonts, such as Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malalayam, Marathi, Gujarathi, Punjabi, Bangla, etc etc.So that even mothers and kidds will be able to read and understand patient instructions.
Pharma Index Comprehensive user friendly drug index with the following features :

Trade name, Chemical Composition, Indications, Side effects, monitoring, drug interactions, Contraindications in pregenancy, lactation, children, Mode of administration, Dose in adults and children, Availability and cost. Treatment in case over dosage. Diiferent dosages in different conditions, organ failures, indications and options.

Header (Select-Deselect) : Deselect if you are using your own Prescription Pad.

LAN connection: All versions are ready for LAN networkwork connection. Just follow the lan connection tutororial and connect in 5 seconds.  If reception is LAN connected, data entered such as pt name, address, appointment, Lab values etc directly visible in Doctors computer as well. 
Works independently without LAN as well, and can be upgraded any time.
Lab Routine, Biochemistry, Special Test, Abnormal Reports displayed in Red.
X-Ray, ECG, Files Routine, Biochemistry, Special Test, Abnormal Reports displayed in Red.
Emergency Drugs Separately listed with mode of administration, dose, availability very useful in any emergency situation and as reference, cost, properties of and contraindications of latest drugs listed.
Reports & Print outs

Automatically compiles data from Address, History, Examination sheets, Labs and shows/prints reports specific in any of the required following formats :

Discharge summary - automatic

Lab reports : autoformat, adds mg ug etc., or calculates if necessary, and removes all empty entries, adds the headings and sub-headings, displays formatted report copy with patient name, Hospital number & date.

Medical certificate (automatic or choose from 6 templates or your own)

Letters (to doctors, and others - eg. Consultation, reply to a consult, for giving info etc.)

Letters : Also choice of performatted letters, facility to send same letter to all doctors or persons groupwise, or a number of letters to same doctor or person.

Diet Advisor Different types of diets are available or can be custom made 1600, 2000, 2400 K.Cal Veg and Non.Veg Diabetic diets. Diet Printout as above or custom made.

Other special diets : Detailed diet for renal failure, CCF, Hyperlipidemia, Gout.

Journal Reference Create personal reference of your favourite articles using a skeletal format made up of Journal name, Vol. No., Page No., Author, Subject Index, Heading and summary of Article.
Medical Photographs
(and Charts)
Keep a collection of photographs for your personal teaching files and or for use as patient education material. Some of the ones included are photos of opened abdomen, pelvis sagital and cross section, thorax, brain, heart X-rays, US Scan, CT, MRI images for teaching and reference. Clippings of sketched diagrams of some.
Standard medical charts like height weight etc etc provided.

Can view your own from any drive

Videos Keep a collection of videos for your patient education videos or for use as patient video data such as angeograms, scopies, echos, or even surgeries and view them. Pt education material such as Exercises, Inhalter therapy, BP self checking, breast self examination etc samples.

Can view your own from any drive

Research You can categorize Patient to any group of patient for research : Group your patient as having MI with HPN; MI with DM; DM-Hyperlipidemidia-MI on Statins, Endometriosis with Ectopics and view those files separately in groups using ^F for research.
Network / LAN option You can opt to connect  upto 15 to 25 computers easily. Up to 100 computers can be connected in broader network. Separate exclusive Registration at Reception; Lab connection with limited permissions. Value  entered in Lab can be visualized instantly by Doctor from his consultation room. These are options only at EXTRA cost. Each additional connection on LAN costs Rs. 4000 only. It can even be upgraded later to SQL and kept on SQL server any time and used directly. (SQL server compatible version on LAN at request only)
Specialists :

Special sheets for Cardiologists

In addition to above, separate cardiology sheet for cardiac history, exam findings, ECG, TMT, Echo records, auto Echo record print out from filled data, ECG and Echo bill print, Diagnosis, Treatment plan etc..etc.
Special sheets for Neurologists Detailed Sheets for history like, Unconscious patient, CVA, Epilepsy, Headache, and detailed record of Motor, Power, Sensory System, Reflexes, and easy record, viewing and determining level of lesion. International Headache Society classification of Headache and Treatment, Treatment of Epilepsy.
Gastro Enterology Detailed history for ulcer patient, dyspepsia, jaundice, and other GI Problems, Endoscopy findings record, etc. auto USS report printout, auto endoscopy report print, auto bill print (American Gastro association, other world forums on Gastro, report on policy announcement on H Pylori treatment.)

Diabetes, Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Urology and Many Other Specialities

Surgical and OBG Case Sheet

Includes Procedure sheet acc to date. Assistant's name, procedure name, anesthesia used, Operative findings, Surgical Procedure done, Code, facility provided for determining how many similar procedures have been done in the past with details.
Surgical register, MTP register, Labour register, (Delivery register, certificate) Ovulation sudies in OBG, Infertility sheets for OBG, consent for MTP, Sterilizatin, Form F etc auto. 
Sets and instrument lists for each surgery, special instruments, where available service centres address phone no., letter writing facility., post operative treatments., follow up sheets., special articles on Laparoscopic surgery of extra peritonial & intraperitoneal Hernia and Hydrocele Non operative management of Hydrocele in inoperable conditions. OBG Seperate for Antenatal Sheet, Gynec sheet, Infertility Sheet.

Disease Information Guidelines (DIG)

Height & Weight charts, Mile stones of development in paediatric, Indian & International vaccination schedules, Hypertension, DM, Hyperlipidemia treatment protocols. WHO criteria for treatment of tuberculosis, treatment of Leprosy of WHO, Latest treatment of KalaAzar, Malaria, Cystecercosis, SLE, Herpes, Encephalitis, AIDs, Fungal diseases.

Finance : Balance sheet, Auto cash book, ledger, update, billings, income expenditure chart.
You can record and add drug useful 


For a Hospital or Clinic with pharmacy, drug inventory and auto-stock update, expiry date position, Profit & Loss and sale position of each drug, drug billing is also available.

Security Apart from shareware and user level passwords, it has hardware lock and licensees name is built in and it cannot be manipulated, hence very secure. Automatically takes backup as well.
Print Options
You have option to print in beautiful color precirptn header,  photo quality and 4-5 header options. Choose to print on your header (licensees name will appear automatically below header for security). It is a bmp picture file which can be easily edited.
Option to print on Dot-Matrix Printer for prescrptn. when needed.
Header Change Options 4-5 Nicely formated Header options.If you practice in more than one place or change address,phone no, you can assign each header a address, logo, (bmp picture file) Respective name comes auto with all OP. tickets, certificates, prescs, registry and printouts auto.
Licencies cannot be changes, hence hacker proof. Since bmp file, local font, images can be used for multi-color attractive header or simple one. Dot matrix option in addition.
Bar Code option. Prints Token number with O.P. tickets.
Inventory Inventory details and management
Help and User manual On line Help on clicking F1, User Manual and Book, with copy on each CD. FAQ in CDs. 
TUTORIALS (How to use) Cinema type how to use audio-video tutorials for installation, Software use, How to LAN connect each CD, so that anybody can use with little computer knowledge.

Backups automatically while closing. Can be restored in seconds. When computer crashes, or  file get corrupt, or manipulated or hacked, can be restored at a click. 


By clicking Statistics button data is automatically displayed viz- total no of files, total visits; number of different types of cases eg asthma, cardiac, liver,renal,cns, pregnant,lactating and children. When a date is given: number of pts on that day, number of pts in that month, number of pts in that year is shown. When a diagnosis is selected/typed, just below, no. of pts with that disease (eg diarrhoea, MI, abortion) seen on same date, month and year, is displayed allowing comparison between two lines. Useful for thesis and research work. Additional information like no. of particular procedures done, is given as an option.

Intelligent System:

On selection of a drug, it automatically fills dose-administration details from PDR and scans the patient's case sheet & PDR and if the pt is allergic or has contraindications for selected drug, instantly warns before typing. In addition if a second or third drug has contraindication against a previously chosen drug, it issues a warning before typing. If several interactions, contraindications, allergies are present each will be warned separately. Also gives type of allergy/intolerance (eg. Anaphylactic or bronchospasm or oculogyric crisis!). Any trade names even in combinations, the chemical is detected and compared for allergy. Drug intolerance is tested for chemical as well as group intolerance. This built in intelligence is a unique feature and reduces strain on the doctor.(c*)
You can see patients progress/improvement by looking at
PFT, Lab reports, etc dynamically over period of time, see graphic format as well.(c*)

Since this compact programme is developed by a group of senior consultants it has the highest utility value, reliability and service minded dedicated approach besides containing upto date information on drugs and diseases.

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