Guidelines are of high standard and should certainly improve the quality, and higly academic doctors too would find it amazingly useful. It is network compatable any time, and comes with gen. medicine, advanced pediatric sheets that goes with OBG. Advanced surgical sheets, with auto-filling features, needs only little filling. Surgical photos can be dragged and droped or pasted. Surgical list and reminders help in auto-generation of surgical list. Writing letters to doctors is also easy with prewritten templates, only address and letter need to be chosen and edited if needed once that's all.  Auto-warning during pregnancy for all drugs is a great feature if you over look, and equally useful is auto-warning for diseases, allergy and drug interaction which too is checked auto. Patient instructions are given in any local language is a boon as many women cannot read English.

Laparoscopy video programme, Latest PDR (complete Drug index 2001) is helpful. It also gives additional skill to doctor to use advanced techniques.

Facilities to record other neonatal and pediatric details, auto drug dosage.

Prepares automatically surgical list from files.You can add photos, Procedure details auto-and edit..