MULTIUSER-NETWORK VERSION:    Doctor2007 is network-ready any time. (Even standard version is network ready)

LANGUAGES AND FONTS: Supports- English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Punjabi and Telugu languages for patient instructions. 

SECURITY AND LOCK: Both hardware lock and software lock, in several layers. Duplication of bills, records, alteration, identity theft not possible. (As per security recommendations for medical software). So -you as well as patient can sleep without anxiety. 

AUTOFILLING: Type ‘f’ it types ‘Fever’, type ‘jo’ it types ‘joint pain’, type ‘ja’ it types ‘jaundice’:
So, you save time >90%,  decrease efforts and errors. Most appreciated by all users. 

SPECIALITIES: Most of speciality modules available: Medicine, Surgery, OBG., Pediatrics, Orthopedics, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Cardiology, Neurology etc. 

VIDEOS, PICTURES, GRAPHS, ETC: Readymade videos for common patient education including exercise, how to check BP, Temperature, give suppository are made and included. Common X-rays, ECGs included. Provision for storing and viewing patient videos, X-rays, ECGs etc provided. Common graphs and pictures included. 

Check for Drug interaction, allergy, pregnancy, lactation, and disease contraindication auto-warning to prevent over looking of these features. Unique electronic prescription reduces death rate by reducing prescription errors. 

DIET SHEETS: Various sample diets, which can be altered if needed. 

AUTO DIALER: autodial patient, referred doctor, or referring doctors phone no at single click. No need to dial. 

SEND REPORTS BY E-MAIL: Open web directly. Store and view medical web pages, and guidelines directly from within software, Store links to them. Important guidelines down loaded and stored already for you too! 

LAB REPORTS: Shows  abnormal reports in RED letters, and normal in BLACK automatically.
Option Prints out reports with or without interpretation. Click another button, gives bill for same tests.
Click a button: you can compare and view with all past values, or in graphic form.

ADVANCED HOSPITAL  Inventory, Drugstore management, IP, OP Billing.
And much more! As given in introduction page and general page-Advanced Accounting, Billing, Certificates, Letters, Referred/Referring Doctors info, Billing info for each consultant in hospital, etc.



SAVES MONEY: By increasing accuracy, reducing staff, and space.

                               By increasing income.

SAVES LIFE:  On line help

                          Electronic prescription system reducing prescription error.

SAVES TIME: No searches for missing files, reports, typing delay.