Drugstore is a  very highly advanced easy to use software. Majority of drugstore users do not usesoftware because of complexity and time it takes type each bill, and frustrating experience when it comes to classification and retrieval of data a.c. to requirements.Drugs, unlike other goods, have unique feature of expiry date, batch no., storage conditions for each drug, dosage difference etc. Drugstore takes care of all that, and makes it easy even to view the total stock in store, or even for a product instantly. 

This highly advanced software takes least time, but not least care. It automatically gives warning if expiry date of billed product is over, whether it can be given. It warns even if date/batch no is not filled.

Masterpiece by itself, casher has read only permissions apart from billing while administrator has it all. He can even view Drugstore sitting in his office on LAN. It is secure and cannot be coppied to another computer and billed, without installation. It needs no hardware lock,  licence no., Footernote can be changed, calculates VAT. It is given free so far to all doctors and hospitals as a part of Doctor 2010 package, but Drugstore owners and Drugstore distributors need to purchase it. Can be used on upto 5 computers same time even

Just select the drug and quantity. Price etc all get autofilled. Daily cash/profit can be viewed/printed. Category -tradename or company wise sales, stock and profit can be viewed any time.

Automatically checks all parameters and warns if anything wrong.

Facility to view desired stock/account/expiry date, etc.


Shows total profit at a glance at bottom automatically.


Part of inventory form. You can view PDR properties of drug and storage requirements & necessities.